October 14 - October 28, 2016



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 241 name: Bluestone Life teams: Bluestone Life teammates: 3 Total Points: 55  
rank: 244 name: Bomb.Com teams: EcoWarriors teammates: 2 Total Points: 45  
rank: 59 name: Bonneville Power Administration teams: BPA teammates: 27 Total Points: 4367  
rank: 162 name: Brown and Caldwell teams: Green & Caldwell teammates: 8 Total Points: 737  
rank: 227 name: California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo teams: Plant Aheard Cal Poly Goes Green teammates: 3 Total Points: 140  
rank: 22 name: Cambia Health Solutions teams: Honest Living Cambia Community teammates: 154 Total Points: 13204  
rank: 161 name: Cascadia College teams: BASSP Faculty and Student Learning teammates: 4 Total Points: 741  
rank: 45 name: Cascadia College BASSP Program teams: BASSP Sthuper Stheniors! Team RamRod Kodiak Attack Raspberry Cobbler teammates: 28 Total Points: 5971  
rank: 128 name: Castelli US teams: Castelli US teammates: 8 Total Points: 1361  
rank: 160 name: Cast Iron Coding teams: Team Cast Iron teammates: 6 Total Points: 752  
rank: 102 name: Catlin Gabel School teams: Catlin Gabel teammates: 18 Total Points: 2201  
rank: 241 name: Central Catholic high School teams: CCHSRAMS teammates: 2 Total Points: 55  
rank: 238 name: Central Catholic High School teams: Central Catholic High School teammates: 1 Total Points: 65  
rank: 78 name: Chasing My Tail, Inc. teams: Go Green for Dilly teammates: 17 Total Points: 3115  
rank: 168 name: Chatham Borough teams: Chatham Borough teammates: 9 Total Points: 695  
rank: 93 name: Chemeketa Community College teams: Chemeketa Community College teammates: 16 Total Points: 2436  
rank: 141 name: Christ Church Emerging teams: Christ Church Emerging teammates: 7 Total Points: 1134  
rank: 238 name: Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church teams: Christ the King Lutheran - Houston teammates: 1 Total Points: 65  
rank: 33 name: City and County of Denver teams: City and County of Denver teammates: 65 Total Points: 10119  
rank: 66 name: City Gresham teams: Green is the New Black teammates: 28 Total Points: 3824  
rank: 39 name: City of Lake Oswego teams: Lake EcOswego- OFFICIAL TEAM Lake Ecoswego teammates: 46 Total Points: 7706  
rank: 56 name: City of Portland teams: City of Portland - All Staff Sustainability at Work teammates: 50 Total Points: 4737  
rank: 133 name: City of Portland-Bureau of Development Services teams: BDS Team teammates: 10 Total Points: 1224  
rank: 104 name: City of South Bend WorkSmart teams: South Bend Cubs South Bend Falcons teammates: 13 Total Points: 2146  
rank: 101 name: City of Vancouver teams: EcoCouver teammates: 29 Total Points: 2209  
rank: 233 name: C. Kaster Agency teams: Corey Kaster teammates: 1 Total Points: 95  
rank: 109 name: CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc teams: CKE Goin' Greener It isn't easy being green... teammates: 25 Total Points: 1893  
rank: 81 name: Clackamas County teams: Clackamas County Eco Champions teammates: 18 Total Points: 2917  
rank: 126 name: Clackamas River Basin Council teams: Team CRBC teammates: 6 Total Points: 1453  
rank: 84 name: Clark County, WA teams: Clark County Employees teammates: 25 Total Points: 2660