October 14 - October 28, 2016



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Points  
rank: 1 name: Mt hood Community College teams: MHCC Sustainable Saints teammates: 263 points: 67505  
rank: 2 name: Advanced Micro Devices teams: AMD Green Team teammates: 311 points: 52063  
rank: 3 name: CLEAResult teams: Team MI CLEAResult eScore Warriors Colorado Energy Gang teammates: 195 points: 42534  
rank: 4 name: Northwest Earth Institute teams: Promo Team Community Team teammates: 524 points: 38254  
rank: 5 name: Hennebery Eddy Architects teams: Hennebery Eddy Architects teammates: 109 points: 34809  
rank: 6 name: B Corp teams: Bamboo Sushi Chinook Book Boly:Welch Be:Well Living Room Realty New Seasons Market A to Z Wineworks: Team Barreling Down GladRags B-Liners For The World! teammates: 175 points: 32809  
rank: 7 name: Ecova teams: AM Template Team The Organics Ecova EcoChallengers 441 Galons Water Per Pound of Beef teammates: 237 points: 28626  
rank: 8 name: Columbia Sportswear Company teams: IS ECO FRIENDLY Eco Power Switzerland and Austria Ecomm and Carry On Columbia Sportswear Company teammates: 293 points: 28083  
rank: 9 name: teams: C$ j&j MyE Eco3 John OrCa APAP3 thots To Be Audrey bewise Muthas Senses BubbaCo Friends PDX Test DreamTeam Reconnect Team 1738 Team Greg Team Raff Team Zach! Xavielove Black Cats Shanklands! Team Kenya Team Manly Green Beans TeamGreen22 Ballard moms PNW Bradley Love Earth Lovers Happy People Satisfy the Soul Team Rackley BI and Beyond Boulder TRIBE The Nest Green Machine King & Blizzard LaneCC Titans Lincoln Woods science divas Colleen's Team DeGroff Family Eco Adventures PSU Net Impact SPC Net Impact Sunny Tonnesen Milwaukie Green A Bassett & Friends 3,2,1,EcoChallenge Arizona JFR Family Sustainable Spartans Lind-Wagner Family & Friends Kelly's Eco Warriors Rotary Club of Portland Environmental Ambassadors Keep Portland eco-friendly northern virginia green team Keeping it Green Sustainable US Family & Friends Green Team for Friends and Family Barker Whybrows Mennels and Mistrys The Story of Stuff Global Community Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Chatham borough teammates: 245 points: 25426  
rank: 10 name: PAE Consulting Engineers teams: PAE teammates: 98 points: 23695  
rank: 11 name: KEEN, Inc. teams: KEEN HQ Keen FIL Keen--East Coast KEEN OUTDOOR SALES WEST KEEN Honey Badgers - Central KEEN FIL teammates: 120 points: 23608  
rank: 12 name: Interface Engineering teams: Interface Engineering teammates: 75 points: 23294  
rank: 13 name: Portland Community College teams: Awesome100 PCC Eco Panthers PCC Rock Creek ESR 141 PCC SOC 228 Environmental Sociology teammates: 154 points: 20862  
rank: 14 name: Company teams: Managed Admin Fortis Construction teammates: 55 points: 20483  
rank: 15 name: Delran Middle School teams: DMS Green Team teammates: 240 points: 20342  
rank: 16 name: Multnomah County teams: Multnomah County Community Team MultCo Moves Multnomah Idea Lab MultCo Eco Auditors 6th Floor Green Team Sustainable Jails Project teammates: 204 points: 20088  
rank: 17 name: Hacker teams: Hacker Honey Badgers teammates: 56 points: 18539  
rank: 18 name: Beveridge & Diamond, PC teams: Eco Nationals Skyscraper Squad Austin Armadillos Boston Eco Strong Baltimore Baywatch Golden Gate Green Team teammates: 79 points: 17423  
rank: 19 name: Moda Health teams: Moda teammates: 127 points: 16858  
rank: 20 name: Greystar teams: Xavier 420EOhio 420 E Ohio TROY Boston Jones Chicago teammates: 62 points: 16657  
rank: 21 name: Pacific Continental Bank teams: Pacific Continental Bank teammates: 104 points: 14926  
rank: 22 name: Cambia Health Solutions teams: Honest Living Cambia Community teammates: 154 points: 13204  
rank: 23 name: Port of Portland teams: Port of Portland teammates: 73 points: 12644  
rank: 24 name: Oregon Zoo teams: Oregon Zoo Community teammates: 89 points: 11940  
rank: 25 name: Willamette University teams: Willamette Service Learning Willamette University All-Campus! teammates: 102 points: 11590  
rank: 26 name: Manchester Local Schools teams: Manchester Panthers teammates: 77 points: 11458  
rank: 27 name: Comerica teams: Team Comerica teammates: 89 points: 11457  
rank: 28 name: University of Wisconsin teams: UW La Crosse teammates: 171 points: 11196  
rank: 29 name: Beneficial State Bank & Foundation teams: Beneficial State teammates: 79 points: 10990  
rank: 30 name: Otak teams: Otak teammates: 54 points: 10948