October 14 - October 28, 2016

Tracy Puhl


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Adjust the Thermostat

I will adjust my thermostat down 2 degrees from usual when I use the heat, and up 2 degrees when I use air conditioning.



Buy in Bulk

I will only purchase bulk food items and avoid all single-package items.



Track my Purchases

I will maintain a record of all my purchases.



Power Down the Computer

I will power down my computer and monitor when not using it for more than 2 hours, saving up to (1.1) lbs of CO2 per day that I do this.


Create Your Own Action

Track Our Trash!

Keep a list of all items thrown away in the GladRags office to find out ways to reduce the waste generated or divert waste from landfills.



  • Tracy Puhl 10/31/2016 11:10 AM
    Eco-challenge trash! Here’s a list of what went into the kitchen garbage over the past couple of weeks: 

    food related:
    • plastic straw
    • produce sticker
    • candy wrappers x a zillion
    • food packaging: crackers, cookies, soup, milk cap, six pack rings, half and half cap
    • takeout container and napkin
    • coffee cups x a few
    • tea wrappers x a zillion
    • tea string and staple x a zillion
    • bus pass
    • vacuum cleanings
    • adhesive backing from command strips
    • packaging from light bulbs
    • dishwasher tab wrapper x a few
    I think the biggest takeaway here is looking for less-packaged things when possible. The dishwasher tabs we had were freebies, so the next batch I bought is *not* individually packaged. 

    My personal downfall was tea bag wrappers (I know I should just get into bulk tea probably…) and candy wrappers. So I’m exploring the bulk candy section at the grocery store now! Also, my laziness definitely contributed to some of the coffee cups thrown out. Gotta remember to plan ahead, and refuse things before they’re automatically given to me (like the plastic straw the barista put in my reusable mug!)

  • Tracy Puhl 10/25/2016 9:37 AM
    Update with (durable) things I've bought during the Eco Challenge:
    • Dress *made in USA, purchased with a store credit I had.
    • 4 glass jars *for bulk bins, bought at Mirador, which carries GladRags!
    • Wooden comb *to replace my plastic comb, which I'll donate
    • House of Dreams cat calendar *100% of proceeds goes to the best cat shelter in the world! Will recycle when done.
    • Underwear - 1 pair, made locally here in Portland with organic cotton! Replacing two very old pairs I threw out recently.

  • Tracy Puhl 10/17/2016 9:13 AM
    I keep forgetting to turn off my computer, oops. I am keeping track of my (non-consumable) purchases, though. My goal is to maintain my relatively minimalist house, and to plan ahead for how items I purchase will eventually leave me. I already do this pretty well with consumable items by purchasing in my own bulk containers and minimal packaging, but I wanted to focus on durable items for the eco challenge. All that said, this weekend I purchased: a craft magazine (that came with a little felt craft project) and two skeins of yarn. I figure I'll pass the magazine on to a friend when I'm done with it, and any scraps of yarn remaining can either be cat toys or brought to Village Merchant for someone else to enjoy.

  • Tracy Puhl 10/11/2016 3:36 PM
    Woo! I got an email from the eco challenge that refilled my Chinook Book app ;)

  • Tracy Puhl 10/06/2016 11:38 AM
    GladRags Team - make sure to add the 'Adjust the Thermostat' to your personal challenges, Meagan changed it for us! Brrr ;)

  • Tracy Puhl 10/06/2016 11:32 AM
    I added "Track our trash!" as a Create your Own challenge -

    Track Our Trash!
    Keep a list of all items thrown away in the GladRags office to find out ways to reduce the waste generated or divert waste from landfills.