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October 14 - October 28, 2016
Deborah McNamara (EcoChallenge Staff)'s avatar

Deborah McNamara (EcoChallenge Staff)

Going Green and Rocking it Out

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Deborah's Actions


Do Nature Activities

I will engage in nature-based activities with my kid(s) for 15 minute(s) each day. (This can be anything from going on a walk or hike, to noticing the leaves changing color, to reading a book with nature themes.)



Collect Rain Water

I will create a rain garden or bioswale, or use rain barrels to collect water for outdoor watering needs.

One-Time Action


Online Energy Audit

I will complete an online energy audit of my home, office, or dorm room and identify my next steps for saving energy.

One-Time Action


  • For me, the EcoChallenge has started amidst personal loss. My grandmother is in the process of dying and I took my boys to Wyoming to be with her one final time. I did remember my commitment to nature based activities with the boys and actually taking them outside and sitting under a tree with them was one of the most nourishing things I could have done during a time with a lot of sadness. I'm back home now and catching up on everything people are doing. So inspiring and just the boost I needed today to feel part of this community. 

    • e.  Lassahn's avatar
      e. Lassahn 10/31/2016 9:20 AM
      Hi Deborah, 
      So sorry to hear this sad news. It's wonderful that you took your boys up to see your grandmother one last time. Sending positive energy your way. 
      Also, just wanting to check in and say thanks for your support during the Eco Challenge! We had an excellent run this year and I can tell that some folks are already looking forward to next year. 

  • I'm so excited to focus on home sustainability and family this EcoChallenge! I'll finally install a rain barrel since they just became legal in Colorado. I'll do an energy audit to see any areas of energy use that could be streamlined. And I look forward to some focused nature time with the kids...!

    • Paul Ventura's avatar
      Paul Ventura 8/18/2016 4:13 PM
      That's great, Deb. A rain barrel is a wonderful idea now that Colorado decided it doesn't own the rain. Did you hear that Wyoming wants to tax people harnessing wind power, claiming the state owns the wind? See

    • Wow, that's amazing Deb!