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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Matthew Baird

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De-Clutter my Home

I will de-clutter, clean, and donate or recycle unneeded items in my home.


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    Matthew Baird 10/28/2016 10:32 AM
    Meeting up with friends after work on Friday. I'm calling it. Not spending time decluttering on this last day of the EcoChallenge. Bet I will on Saturday though.

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    Matthew Baird 10/28/2016 10:00 AM
    So Thursday was the second attempt at getting the old mattress and box spring out of my house. But the person said her friend with a truck was flaking on her again, which means she flaked on me and I got irritated by flaky people. So I jammed out a bunch of responses to my craigslist post (they had been piling up in my inbox) and said first come first serve. So someone was able to come pick it up Thursday night! I can use my sitting room again, yay!

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    Matthew Baird 10/28/2016 9:55 AM
    Wednesday was the day the craigslist person was supposed to pick up my old mattress and box spring. Person said her friend with truck wasn't available until Thursday. Was a bummer but got some extra time to clean the house.

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    Matthew Baird 10/26/2016 10:54 AM
    Game night with the guys on Tuesday. No de-cluttering. I won, so totally worth it.

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    Matthew Baird 10/25/2016 10:32 AM
    Spent some time yesterday evening sorting through email responses on craigslist. A lot of people interest in used, but free mattress and box spring. Though many were asking for more pictures or just wanted one item or the other. Think I have someone lined up to pick up both on Wednesday though.

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    Matthew Baird 10/23/2016 10:15 PM
    Sunday is always a big chore day, but at least that makes meeting this challenge easier! Started prepping the yard for winter by putting away summery items and mowing the lawn (hopefully for the last time till Spring). Also listed the box spring and mattress for free on craigslist. Hope they go quick! Spent some time in the office doing some much needed filing as well as organizing of my cards.

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    Matthew Baird 10/23/2016 10:04 PM
    On Saturday I was able to delve into the basement again. I pulled out several large boxes, flattened them and then folded them up to fit in the recycling bins. A lot of low hanging fruit in the basement in terms of decluttering.

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    Matthew Baird 10/23/2016 10:01 PM
    Okay, Friday night we tackled the dining room, which had become baby staging room due to its proximity to the front door. Woo hoo, Fri-day! A lot of the lesser used items got moved to the basement as I had recently cleared some space (See prior post).

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    Matthew Baird 10/21/2016 9:42 AM
    Working for a carbon offset non-profit I hold myself to strict additionality standards. I did get my garbage and recycling out for pick-up, as well as a few other chores, done last night, but I don't count that additional declutter time! Weekday declutter time has been pretty tough!

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    Matthew Baird 10/21/2016 9:37 AM
    Sadly I did not get any declutter time in on Wednesday after my board meeting. Too pooped after getting home at 8:30. Had to clean up for the day and get ready for the next, and then take a few moments for myself before bed.