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October 14 - October 28, 2016



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 1 NAME: Mt hood Community College TEAMS: MHCC Sustainable Saints TEAMMATES: 263 TOTAL POINTS: 66955  
RANK: 2 NAME: Advanced Micro Devices TEAMS: AMD Green Team TEAMMATES: 311 TOTAL POINTS: 52013  
RANK: 3 NAME: CLEAResult TEAMS: Team MI, CLEAResult, eScore Warriors, Colorado Energy Gang TEAMMATES: 195 TOTAL POINTS: 42484  
RANK: 4 NAME: Northwest Earth Institute TEAMS: Promo Team, Community Team TEAMMATES: 526 TOTAL POINTS: 38004  
RANK: 5 NAME: Hennebery Eddy Architects TEAMS: Hennebery Eddy Architects TEAMMATES: 109 TOTAL POINTS: 34634  
RANK: 6 NAME: B Corp TEAMS: Bamboo Sushi, Chinook Book, Boly:Welch Be:Well, Living Room Realty, New Seasons Market, and 3 more teams TEAMMATES: 175 TOTAL POINTS: 32609  
RANK: 7 NAME: Columbia Sportswear Company TEAMS: IS ECO FRIENDLY, Eco Power Switzerland and Austria, Ecomm and Carry On, Columbia Sportswear Company TEAMMATES: 293 TOTAL POINTS: 28083  
RANK: 8 NAME: Ecova TEAMS: AM Template Team, The Organics, Ecova EcoChallengers, 441 Galons Water Per Pound of Beef TEAMMATES: 236 TOTAL POINTS: 27875  
RANK: 9 NAME: TEAMS: C$, j&j, MyE, Eco3, John, and 60 more teams TEAMMATES: 242 TOTAL POINTS: 24386  
RANK: 10 NAME: PAE Consulting Engineers TEAMS: PAE TEAMMATES: 97 TOTAL POINTS: 23495  
RANK: 11 NAME: Interface Engineering TEAMS: Interface Engineering TEAMMATES: 75 TOTAL POINTS: 23294  
RANK: 12 NAME: KEEN, Inc. TEAMS: KEEN HQ, Keen FIL, Keen--East Coast, KEEN OUTDOOR SALES WEST, KEEN Honey Badgers - Central, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 119 TOTAL POINTS: 22403  
RANK: 13 NAME: Portland Community College TEAMS: Awesome100, PCC Eco Panthers, PCC Rock Creek ESR 141 , PCC SOC 228 Environmental Sociology TEAMMATES: 154 TOTAL POINTS: 20762  
RANK: 14 NAME: Company TEAMS: Managed Admin, Fortis Construction TEAMMATES: 55 TOTAL POINTS: 20483  
RANK: 15 NAME: Delran Middle School TEAMS: DMS Green Team TEAMMATES: 240 TOTAL POINTS: 20342  
RANK: 16 NAME: Multnomah County TEAMS: Multnomah County Community Team, MultCo Moves, Multnomah Idea Lab, MultCo Eco Auditors, 6th Floor Green Team, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 203 TOTAL POINTS: 20003  
RANK: 17 NAME: Beveridge & Diamond, PC TEAMS: Eco Nationals, Skyscraper Squad, Austin Armadillos, Boston Eco Strong, Baltimore Baywatch, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 79 TOTAL POINTS: 16973  
RANK: 18 NAME: Moda Health TEAMS: Moda  TEAMMATES: 127 TOTAL POINTS: 16858  
RANK: 19 NAME: Greystar TEAMS: Xavier, 420EOhio, 420 E Ohio, TROY Boston , Jones Chicago TEAMMATES: 62 TOTAL POINTS: 16607  
RANK: 20 NAME: Pacific Continental Bank TEAMS: Pacific Continental Bank TEAMMATES: 104 TOTAL POINTS: 14926  
RANK: 21 NAME: Hacker TEAMS: Hacker Honey Badgers TEAMMATES: 55 TOTAL POINTS: 14319  
RANK: 22 NAME: Cambia Health Solutions TEAMS: Honest Living, Cambia Community TEAMMATES: 154 TOTAL POINTS: 13204  
RANK: 23 NAME: Port of Portland TEAMS: Port of Portland TEAMMATES: 72 TOTAL POINTS: 12454  
RANK: 24 NAME: Oregon Zoo TEAMS: Oregon Zoo Community TEAMMATES: 88 TOTAL POINTS: 11794  
RANK: 25 NAME: Willamette University TEAMS: Willamette Service Learning, Willamette University All-Campus!  TEAMMATES: 102 TOTAL POINTS: 11590  
RANK: 26 NAME: Manchester Local Schools TEAMS: Manchester Panthers TEAMMATES: 77 TOTAL POINTS: 11458  
RANK: 27 NAME: Comerica TEAMS: Team Comerica TEAMMATES: 89 TOTAL POINTS: 11407  
RANK: 28 NAME: University of Wisconsin TEAMS: UW La Crosse TEAMMATES: 171 TOTAL POINTS: 11196  
RANK: 30 NAME: NW Natural TEAMS: NW Natural, Golden EcoDogs, CCC Naturally Green TEAMMATES: 63 TOTAL POINTS: 10735