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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Lois Cok

Hennebery Eddy Architects


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Brush My Teeth Without Running Water

I will save up to 8 gallons (30 L) of water each day by turning it off while brushing my teeth.



5-Minute Showers

I will save up to 20 gallons (75 L) of water each day.


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  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/28/2016 8:16 PM
    IMAGINE....all the people....doing small actions that have a huge positive impact on our beautiful planet! Thank you EcoChallenge!

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/27/2016 8:13 PM
    My challenges are developing into habits after doing them for 2 weeks. I plan to continue with my new actions after EcoChallenge ends.

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/26/2016 8:49 PM
    It's amazing how much water is saved by taking quick showers and turning off the water while brushing teeth. EcoChallenge makes us so aware of the difference we can make for the planet and we have fun doing it.

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    Lois Cok 10/26/2016 8:33 PM
    Spent time outdoors today preparing my garden's root vegetables for winter storage. We have eaten from our garden for months and now we will have an abundance to enjoy through the winter. We know where this food came from and how it was healthy, delicious and nutritious. No chemicals used here.

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/24/2016 8:48 PM
    Doing challenges raises my awareness and helps me develop new habits that have a positive impact on the earth.

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/22/2016 9:10 PM
    Be thankful for good, clean water. I plan to use it wisely.

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/21/2016 8:25 PM
    Taking a 5 minute shower is becoming my new normal. 

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/20/2016 9:55 PM
    I am getting used to a quick shower......and kind of like it. Why waste water and time in the shower?

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/15/2016 8:11 PM
    My compost heap was spread over my garden and worked into the soil this spring. A few weeks later several unfamiliar plants were growing in between a row of planted vegetables, something that looked similar to squash or cucumbers. The plants grew and produced round, light green fruit which turned out to be honeydew melons. We enjoyed eating one of the melons this morning with breakfast.

  • Lois Cok's avatar
    Lois Cok 10/14/2016 11:00 PM
    I actually took a 5 minute shower! The water was cold when I got in but used it to wet and soap up my washcloth.