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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Audrey Dorofy

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More Fruits And Veggies

I will eat a heart healthy diet by adding 2 cups of fruits and vegetables each day to achieve at least 4 cups per day.


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EnergyStar installation

I had a home energy audit performed recently. Subsequently, I had my 22 year old furnace and air conditioner and 13 year old hot water heater replaced with high efficiency models. I intend to track my electric and gas usage for the period of the challenge in comparison with the same time frame last year. Additionally, I will look for even more ways to reduce usage.


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  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/28/2016 5:06 PM
    I finished up my challenge by downing a nice plate of eggplant parm for dinner.  The end.

    • Andy Opperman's avatar
      Andy Opperman 10/28/2016 8:45 PM
      Hey Audrey, good job on the EcoChalleng!  I don't understand why you don't have any of the energy challenges showing "completed."  I can tell by your posts that you were cognizant of the issue many days.  Did you just forget to check that challenge off?  It was fun reading your posts!

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/27/2016 2:27 PM
    I am trying to decide what I want to comment on today.  The rain (yay!) which is needed because we are in an impending drought situation?  The eggplant parm for dinner?  The fact that I bumped up my thermostat setting this morning because I just CAN'T get up and face 63 degrees indoors?  

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/26/2016 5:52 PM
    Interestingly enough, my gas usage for last month went up.  It appears that the new hot water tank has a larger capacity than the old tank.  So even though more energy efficient overall, it is heating more water so using more gas.  

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/25/2016 4:50 PM
    I ate my fruits and veggies.  But I feel like I should have subtracted something for eating a bagel one of the guys at work brought in.  It was a great bagel though.  Maybe I should have put veggie cream cheese on it.  : )

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/24/2016 3:18 PM
    I was down sick for the past few days.  So I couldn't get to the farmer's market as planned.  I am currently eating veggies that were formerly in the freezer.  Fresh is so much better.

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/20/2016 3:57 PM
    I have decided that the challenge  "eat 4 cups of fruits/vegetables" is not properly worded.  It should be based on servings, not cups.  I ate 2 cups of raw spinach earlier this week.  Good so far.   Then today, I took those same 2 cups and cooked them.  Now I have about 1/2 a cup.  Yesterday, I made a chopped salad; chopping everything also greatly reduced the volume.  I am going to go with pre-cooking, pre-chopping volume for the greens.  Otherwise, I am going to *turn* green trying to meet the challenge.

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/18/2016 5:42 PM

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/16/2016 5:02 PM
    Busy weekend.  I forgot to log in yesterday.  At this point, I can't remember if I managed to get all my veggies eaten or not.  At least I am sure about today.

    • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
      Louisa Lubiak 10/17/2016 2:38 PM
      That's what taking-up the challenge is all about - keeping it real.

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/14/2016 2:15 PM
    Day 1 - I ate blueberries, an apple, spinach, tomato, and rainbow chard.  Good so far.

  • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
    Audrey Dorofy 10/10/2016 4:21 PM
    Tonight's dinner featured some beautiful chard from the farmer's market.  Love it!