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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Louisa Lubiak

NJDEP EcoLogicals

"To simplify my lifestyle, lessen my impact on the planet, educate others on environmental issues, encourage them to make positive changes in their own lives, and have fun in the process!"


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I will write down three things every day for two weeks that I am grateful for or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.



Track my Purchases

I will maintain a record of all my purchases.



De-Clutter my Home

I will de-clutter, clean, and donate or recycle unneeded items in my home.



Organize a Course

I will organize one of NWEI's discussion courses, such as 'Reconnecting with Earth', with my family, friends, coworkers, or classmates.


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  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/28/2016 9:44 AM
    I fell short of my marks again this year, but inspired my team members nonetheless. :-)

    • Andy Opperman's avatar
      Andy Opperman 10/28/2016 8:21 PM
      Louisa, Thanks for being our leader again this year.  NJDEP EcoLogicals did an awesome job,  Please express my thanks & appreciation to all for their commitment.

    • Audrey Dorofy's avatar
      Audrey Dorofy 10/28/2016 5:08 PM
      Thank you for the pep talks, Louisa.  And for being our leader again this year.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/27/2016 10:35 AM
    I have started the organization process for running a "Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice & Sustainability" discussion course here at the office. I also donated some $$ to NWEI to renew my membership.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/26/2016 11:49 AM
    I have been so busy this past week between work and personal obligations that I have not been able to complete all of my challenges. :-(

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/25/2016 10:02 AM
    All of my purchases during the EcoChallenge have been for groceries, over the counter and homeopathic remedies, and one prescription for an allergy nasal spray. I did buy a bunch of birthday cards and Halloween greeting cards to send to my friends and relatives around the country. Keeping in-touch with people by mail, though old fashioned, is important to me.

    • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
      Louisa Lubiak 10/26/2016 11:52 AM
      Hey Carey, most of the cards I bought say on the back that they are made from recycled paper, so I suppose they're considered to be 'green' cards.

    • Carey  Compton's avatar
      Carey Compton 10/25/2016 3:16 PM
      That's awesome Louisa, you are right, the old fashion way of sending mail can be a green way.  Many people now a days are using recycled paper products and I hope more will buy them to use. It is such a personal way to keep in touch.  Thanks for posting this.  

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/24/2016 1:20 PM
    I've fallen by the wayside regarding de-cluttering and donating. Too many other obligations over the weekend kept me from my goals.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/20/2016 12:32 PM
    I sent an email to a coworker thanking him for his technical expertise and support on a few projects we've worked together on over the past 6 months. I will also thank him again the next time I see him in person. We do environmental work, so I feel it's important to praise my coworkers for their hard work and dedication to our state's specific environmental goals.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/19/2016 9:56 AM
    I am grateful for daily challenges, perseverance in getting thru those challenge, and the lessons learned thru making mistakes along the way.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/18/2016 12:39 PM
    Keeping track of my daily purchases - yesterday I picked-up the prescription for my allergy medication, bought neti pot nasal rinse solution, and Halloween and birthday greeting cards. All of these purchases were absolutely necessary!

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/17/2016 2:21 PM
    I am grateful that my team roster continues to grow, even though we're already into day 4 of the EcoChallenge.

  • Louisa Lubiak's avatar
    Louisa Lubiak 10/17/2016 9:21 AM
    I couldn't post over the weekend because my tablet couldn't manage it. But today I have a photo of my aunties, with broom in hand, to help me de-clutter and decorate fo Halloween!