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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Spend Time Outside

I will replace 30 minute(s) per day typically spent inside (computer time, watching television, etc.) with quality time outside.


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    Betty Shelley 10/28/2016 11:31 AM
    This year's challenge really has been a challenge for me!! I pledged to be outside an extra half hour per day. When I decided on that particular challenge it was mainly because I had already incorporated many of the other options into my life, and I am not outdoors as much as I'd like to be. However I had counted on our usual beautiful Fall weather.  This October has been one of the rainiest ever.

    So I have really learned that I am definitely a fair weather outdoor person, and that I have a difficult time just being quiet outdoors. I want to be doing instead of being - walking, gardening, weeding.......... In that way, I guess the challenge has successfully made me more aware and given me the opportunity to think of ways to change.

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    Betty Shelley 10/26/2016 4:12 PM
    RAINY......disappointed not to be dedicated enough to go for a walk in the rain.

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    Betty Shelley 10/25/2016 8:20 PM
    Only about 15 minutes outside today. Still loving the leaves

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    Betty Shelley 10/23/2016 2:37 PM
    To clarify, I actually have met my challenge more than it shows - I didn't know I needed to click on the icon the first few times. 

    Today we walked up to Hillsdale and back, including walking through the farmers market. Does spending an hour and a half outside make up for those rainy days or work days?:)  We were fortunate today to have no rain. As before, I noticed the gorgeous leaves - they contrast better against a cloudy sky, I think. And I happen to like the smell of Autumn too - the decaying leaves, etc. Along the way, it was fun to notice people's Halloween decorations, and also the colorful pumpkins, squashes and gourds at the market. I hope we can continue to incorporate more walking into our life.

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    Betty Shelley 10/20/2016 3:51 PM
    Where is our beautiful autumn? I've always known that I don't like getting wet even though I've lived here all my life. Anyway, making myself go outside in the rain is definitely a challenge! But that's the point of this exercise, isn't it?  Okay, here I go outside to visit my four fir trees. I love these big old trees, and the nice thing is that unless it's pouring rain one can stay dry beneath their canopy. I"ll hug them for you.

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    Betty Shelley 10/18/2016 2:59 PM
    Unfortunately, Monday I was home under the weather (rather than outside in it!). Today however I walked home from Hillsdale to South Burlingame which is a 30-minute walk. I love walking for so many reasons, one being that it is life in real time as opposed to fast time. It gives me time to notice all sorts of things that one doesn't see from the car or even bus window. Today I was particularly happy to see the autumn leaves - all the colors and shapes. I really love the prints that leaves make on the pavement, too, which last long after the leaves have blown away. There are some particularly gorgeous ginkgo trees in our neighborhood that are the sunniest yellow. Along one part of the walk, there were lots of fir boughs that had blown down in the storm, and their scent added to my pleasure.

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    Betty Shelley 10/16/2016 3:12 PM
    Today it was simple to meet my goal of spending 30 minutes outdoors. We went to the Hillsdale Farmers Market, which I helped found, and bought local, seasonal, colorful food. It was even somewhat sunny while we were there. We got a beautiful lavendar napa cabbage, large romaine lettuces, scallions, some red and yellow onions, bok choy, Liberty apples..........I think that's it ....oh, and some late Early Girl tomatoes. What a joy to support our local farmers, eat well and accomplish my EcoChallenge goal at the same time.

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    Betty Shelley 10/15/2016 7:26 PM
    Hurrah! I actually did make it outside today when I got home from work. I sat on the bench on my front porch and observed the blustery weather. Our house is above street level, and there is a large old cherry tree that blocks some of the view of the neighbors' homes much like a partial screen. I made a point of using my senses. I could smell a whiff of wood smoke from someone's chimney.I could see the trees swaying and the clouds scudding by very quickly.I felt the cold wind on my face as well as the occasional spritz of rain. And of course I could hear the wind blowing and the leaves rustling. But what I didn't like at all that I could hear is the roar of I-5; we live near the Terwilliger curves, and I think that the continuous roar of the cars and trucks is a big part of not wanting to be outside, at least in the front yard.

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    Betty Shelley 10/15/2016 11:42 AM
    Well, yesterday was the first day of the EcoChallenge, and I totally failed to get outdoors for 30 minutes! I worked all day, went home and cooked dinner, then later when it was dark and rainy I remembered that I was supposed to have gone outside...... I am at work all day again today and the wind storm is supposed to start right about the time I leave here. I plan to go out on my porch when I get home and watch the storm. I've always loved high winds - used to tie a blanket around my neck and pretend I was Superman when I was little. ;)

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      Kelly Bauman (EcoChallenge Staff) 10/16/2016 7:15 AM
      That's the spirit! Get out there however you can!

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    Betty Shelley 10/13/2016 2:35 PM
    Wow, another EcoChallenge and another chance to both raise my own awareness and raise funds for Northwest Earth Institute's education programs. My challenge this time is to spend 30 more minutes per day outside. Now I know this will be a surprise for most of the folks in the great Northwest, but I am rarely outside for more than 15 minutes at a time. And ironic that this is starting right when a major storm is predicted!  Please follow my adventure, and please pledge to help me meet my goal of raising $500 for NWEI.