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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Kristina Smith

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I will write down three things every day for two weeks that I am grateful for or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.



Avoid Refined Sugar

I will adopt a diet free of refined sugars, which eliminates sweetened beverages, candy, and processed foods.



Watch a Documentary

I will watch a documentary film about food with family and friends and talk about what we learned.

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    Kristina Smith 10/28/2016 10:19 AM
    As a result of this challenge I watched a documentary that left me hopeless for the human race really, so it may have been counterproductive to this challenge, ha ha.  It was called cowspiracy and talked about agriculture, specifically cattle farming as being the main cause of climate change and  water consumption  and why nobody will talk about it. It did make me want to become a vegan and I am definitely not eating meat anymore but unless people stop reproducing and we stop eating all meat including beef and fish, I am not sure changing a lightbuIb will make any difference. I think the planet will eventually recover once all the humans are gone so I feel good about that. Several scientists believe we are going through another mass extinction event and I am wondering if we can really slow or stop it.  I am glad for all the people who fight to try to make a difference doing what they can and I will keep trying too but often it feels like a lost cause if more people don't get on board. It feels like money, politics and big corporations will always win until drastic things happen and people realize whats happening but it may be too late by then. Sorry to be a downer!  I do think this was a great challenge and if it gets more people to learn about an issue they didn't know or to change a behavior or habit to a better one for themselves and the environment that is great! At least we can do our best and know that we are helping and can sleep with a clear conscience at night. I'm not quite there yet, I could do more , but I do my best, do you?

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    Kristina Smith 10/26/2016 5:47 PM
    Well, I have been terrible at this challenge so far. I plan to watch a food documentary tonight and I feel bad that I have been so busy and not made the time to check in and follow through with this challenge so I am making a donation to the earth institute so they can continue the good work they do. It doesn't excuse my lack of participation but it should give us a few more points and help a good organization!