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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Karina Zapien

CCNCW Pilots

"Let's all contribute in our environment. It needs us 💕"


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Karina's actions


Go for a Daily Walk

I will take a 15-minute walk outside each day.



Brush My Teeth Without Running Water

I will save up to 8 gallons (30 L) of water each day by turning it off while brushing my teeth.



Choose Two-Sided Printing

I will save up to .21 lbs (.09 kg) of paper per day by switching from one-sided printing to two-sided at work.



Watch a Documentary

I will watch a documentary film about food with family and friends and talk about what we learned.



Turn it off

I will keep lights, electronics, and appliances turned off when not using them.


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  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/28/2016 10:14 AM
    Today is the last day of the ecochallenge  and I feel like I learned a lot from myself and that I too have the capability to help our environment be a better place to live. Checking in everyday made me feel accomplished and it was a fun experience setting reasonable goals for myself. Today is not the last day of the ecochallenege I know I will continue to to conserve water when I brush my teeth, turn the lights off when I'm not using them, save paper when I'm printing out my readings, and many more. 

    People of my age feel like we can't do anything to help the environment but we can! The feedback I have is to let others know (especially in my age group)  about how a little action can go such a long way. Advertising is important especially to inform more people about global climate change. Our environment is very important and we must all contribute to such a huge problem. 

    This website was definely great and I hope more people disregarding their age use it and more people contribute. 

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/24/2016 8:36 PM
    Completed all my eco challenges! More people in my age group should be informed of this website. It's easy to use, helpful for the environment, and accessibible! 

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/20/2016 7:28 PM
    Posting my accomplishments to help the environment on this website has been great!  I hope more people in our community get involved because the environment is the home we all should take care of, not just a few. 

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/18/2016 11:36 PM
    Today I watched a very interesting film by the name of Cowspiracy. It's truly phenomal and an eye opener to the world’s leading cause to environmental climate change that no one seems to fully reveal at its proper naked truth. 

    • Joan Qazi's avatar
      Joan Qazi 10/19/2016 12:55 PM
      Karina, I just read your summary of the film.  You did a great job.  It is amazing the role of animal agriculture and the way everyone tries to avoid naming it.

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/16/2016 11:34 AM
    I really like the website and the challenges we can put ourselves up to in order save our environment! I take more in account my daily actions and how they  can negatively or positively affect the environment. Saving energy by turning off unnecessary lights and saving water each day are two little actions that can make such a big difference! Proud to have took the ecochallenge! 💕

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/15/2016 2:48 PM
    I took a longer walk than what I intended! It was great, especially in this rainy weather. It helped  me clear my mind and notice how beautiful Wenatchee Valley really is even when it's rainy outside! 

  • Karina Zapien's avatar
    Karina Zapien 10/14/2016 5:45 PM
    Day one was a good start. Due to the fact I have braces I am obligated to brush my teeth more than others. I didn't leave the water running while brushing my teeth! I'm sure I saved a lot of water considering the fact I brush my teeth 4-6 times a day. I was also sure to not leave any unnecessary lights on at home. At school I also used doubled sided printing when I printed my study notes for my test. I saved six pages. 

    • Joan Qazi's avatar
      Joan Qazi 10/14/2016 9:55 PM
      Thanks for joining the team Karina!  You chose some valuable actions.  Keep up the great work!