October 14 - October 28, 2016

Black Cats

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  • October 19 at 9:12 AM
    Some challenges are more challenging than others, but I like a good challenge. It's on!
  • October 16 at 9:38 AM
    Sugars/sweets is the most challenging for me. I love sweets! Time to get to it though. 
  • October 13 at 8:13 AM
    I'm ready to start . . . I think!
  • October 13 at 8:11 AM
    Last night Tony and I went grocery shopping. We bought a lot of fruits and vegetables. Yummy! Trying to stay away from those refined sugars too. It's crazy how much food in the grocery store has refined sugars. Time to get my health on. 
  • October 11 at 2:29 PM
    I've started to not eat any fish in my diet. :)
  • October 10 at 12:56 AM
    I'm excited to have more members on the Black Cats team. Let's keep 'en coming and do amazing things!

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