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October 14 - October 28, 2016

Sustainable Ballard Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • jordan adams's avatar
    jordan adams 10/28/2016 9:11 AM
    What a great challenge! Thanks to the Sustainable Ballard leadership for including me, let me know how the challenge goes for everyone else!

  • Jenny Heins's avatar
    Jenny Heins 10/22/2016 9:46 PM
    So interesting. Today I purchased a couple of things I didn't need, but they were both completely compostable. 1 - I bought a couple of decorative halloween pumpkins. 2 - I bought a sunflower head. I don't need these things, but purchasing them supported a couple of small farms and they will not cause any environmental impacts that I can think of except enhancing some soil. But I can't check off choosing "needs" over "wants" today.

  • Jenny Heins's avatar
    Jenny Heins 10/19/2016 8:58 PM
    Choosing the electric car is easier than I thought. Thanking people is harder.

  • paula jenson's avatar
    paula jenson 10/18/2016 12:45 PM
    slow start, but I really have not been making purchases and walking more 

  • jordan adams's avatar
    jordan adams 10/18/2016 10:32 AM
    Hi all,

    If you were like me, you may not have remembered to check in when the challenge started. I just saw you can go back and retroactively check in by clicking the small gray circles that represent the 15 days of the challenge, located above. 

  • Margaret Wetter's avatar
    Margaret Wetter 10/17/2016 4:11 PM
    I was out of the country for the first two days of the challenge, and traveling on the third, so today is my first participation day and I'm looking forward to diving in for the remaining days!

  • Jenny Heins's avatar
    Jenny Heins 10/15/2016 10:19 PM
    I didn't buy anything except breakfast today and started work on decluttering the basement. Today I am writing down 3 things I am grateful for, but am looking forward to finding someone to thank every day. That is something that I often overlook.

  • paula jenson's avatar
    paula jenson 9/28/2016 9:18 AM
    2 weeks, let's c