October 14 - October 28, 2016



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 31 name: NW Natural teams: NW Natural Golden EcoDogs CCC Naturally Green teammates: 63 Total Points: 10735  
rank: 32 name: University of Minnesota, Morris teams: UMM Green Prairie teammates: 30 Total Points: 10434  
rank: 33 name: City and County of Denver teams: City and County of Denver teammates: 65 Total Points: 10119  
rank: 34 name: American College of Healthcare Sciences teams: League of Green ACHS Students & Faculty: Academic All-Stars 50 Shades of Green! teammates: 42 Total Points: 9510  
rank: 35 name: Climate Conversations NCW teams: CCNCW Pilots teammates: 39 Total Points: 8947  
rank: 36 name: Westerville South High School teams: Westerville South Wildcats 3rd Period Westerville South Wildcats APES (B-McC) Westerville South Wildcats 10th Period Westerville South Wildcats 7/8th Period teammates: 87 Total Points: 8739  
rank: 37 name: KEEN Inc teams: KEEN FSRs KEEN Utility East teammates: 27 Total Points: 8302  
rank: 38 name: HP teams: HP Vancouver Sustainability HP Fort Collins Sustainability teammates: 39 Total Points: 8230  
rank: 39 name: City of Lake Oswego teams: Lake EcOswego- OFFICIAL TEAM Lake Ecoswego teammates: 46 Total Points: 7706  
rank: 40 name: Portland General Electric teams: Portland General Electric teammates: 58 Total Points: 7544  
rank: 41 name: First Unitarian Church of Portland teams: First Unitarian Church of Portland teammates: 51 Total Points: 7223  
rank: 42 name: 3Degrees teams: 3Degrees teammates: 49 Total Points: 7018  
rank: 43 name: Wells Fargo - Barnhart Center teams: Beaverton Greenies teammates: 21 Total Points: 6360  
rank: 44 name: EC Company teams: EC Company teammates: 34 Total Points: 6313  
rank: 45 name: Cascadia College BASSP Program teams: BASSP Sthuper Stheniors! Team RamRod Kodiak Attack Raspberry Cobbler teammates: 28 Total Points: 5971  
rank: 46 name: 211info teams: 211info teammates: 28 Total Points: 5685  
rank: 47 name: Metro teams: Green Metro teammates: 47 Total Points: 5581  
rank: 48 name: Lincoln High School teams: Lincoln High School teammates: 50 Total Points: 5559  
rank: 49 name: Miller Nash Graham & Dunn teams: Team MNGD teammates: 35 Total Points: 5528  
rank: 50 name: Washington County teams: EcoChallengers teammates: 43 Total Points: 5454  
rank: 51 name: University of Portland teams: UP ECN 325 teammates: 25 Total Points: 5350  
rank: 52 name: Marylhurst University teams: Marylhurst Food Marylhurst University! teammates: 46 Total Points: 5302  
rank: 53 name: North Seattle College teams: NSC Sustainability teammates: 50 Total Points: 5277  
rank: 54 name: Ruby Receptionists teams: Ruby is the New Green teammates: 40 Total Points: 5275  
rank: 55 name: Birthingway College of Midwifery teams: Birthingway teammates: 18 Total Points: 5028  
rank: 56 name: City of Portland teams: City of Portland - All Staff Sustainability at Work teammates: 50 Total Points: 4737  
rank: 57 name: Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest teams: JVC Northwest teammates: 42 Total Points: 4494  
rank: 58 name: Standard Insurance Company teams: The Standard teammates: 37 Total Points: 4443  
rank: 59 name: Bonneville Power Administration teams: BPA teammates: 27 Total Points: 4367  
rank: 60 name: Energy Trust of Oregon teams: Energy Trust teammates: 31 Total Points: 4319