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October 14 - October 28, 2016
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Glory Kurtzbein

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Switch to Cold Water

I will switch to washing my clothes in cold water, saving up to 1,600 lbs of C02 over the course of the next year.



5-Minute Showers

I will save up to 20 gallons (75 L) of water each day.



Go for a Daily Walk

I will take a walk each day.




I will write down three things every day for two weeks that I am grateful for or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.



Practice Gratitude for Earth

I will spend 10 minute(s) per day outside, practicing gratitude (prayer, meditation, journaling, etc.) for Earth and the nature surrounding me.



Use Reusable Bags

I will not accept any disposable bags when making purchases.


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    Glory Kurtzbein 10/27/2016 9:14 AM
    I've realized today that I've not been able to say no thank you to disposable bags when making purchases because I haven't done any shopping! <<big smile>> I've realized my thinking is now more that minimal is better; only buy what is needed....and then am asking myself more often what is "needed?" So, even though I haven't had the opportunity to decline plastic bags, I have felt the liberation of keeping things simple--for this week, at least. That's a good thing; it's been refreshing. We don't "need" all the stuff; we need our health, our loved ones, friendship, fresh air, water, trees, all species of critters...and yes, that means bees and bugs and spiders and even (gag) snakes, too! Balance. Balance in all things and lots of good thoughts. 

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    Glory Kurtzbein 10/24/2016 9:44 AM
    Was spending time with my 6-yr. old grandson while my daughter was at work Sunday, and he and I decided we'd take all the recycling to the trash room. We carried what we could and learned that the apartment complex's recycling does not include a bin for plastic bags. As we had quite the collection, we were disappointed and decided to keep our eyes open for a plastic bag recycling receptacle on our journeys. Just in case, we took the bags with us when we went to the store, and, upon walking into Target, we saw they had a plastic bag recycling bin. His little face lit up, I clapped my hands and said, "Yes!," and we turned around and walked back to the car to bring our bags in. The bin was so full we couldn't get our bags squished in, so we even had to ask for assistance. I wanted him to know it's important enough to follow through and do it right. It was so sweet to see his happy little face after a job well done. We adults have an incredible influence on our little ones through our own actions. It's the little things, like turning off the water while you're brushing your teeth or washing your hands and turning out lights when you're not using them that can make such a difference, and these are little things our little ones can do. I was pleased I'd had the opportunity to share this fun experience with him--he saw it as a great success--and, in so doing, continue to impress upon him the importance and good feeling of recycling.

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    Glory Kurtzbein 10/17/2016 11:06 AM
    Shared with my family at home all the ways we can make a difference with our actions in meeting this challenge, not just for the next two weeks, but now for as long as we are alive. A lot of the little things, which we often think wouldn't amount to anything, when done by each of bus can really make a difference; little + little + little = big! As it is now, our recycling bin at home reaches capacity much sooner than our trash bin. Have been teaching grandchild to turn the water off when brushing his teeth, and to not be wasteful. Reminding loved ones to turn off lights they don't need, or turning them out myself. And I have to say, spending 15 minutes outside enjoying the breeze and sounds of the birds and trees, even rain on the face is very soothing--not a hardship or "sacrifice" at all.

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    Glory Kurtzbein 10/07/2016 1:26 PM
    I'm excited to take on the challenges I've chosen and to realize the difference following through can make. I'm also interested in how my new actions will inspire my family, if not to take on a challenge, at least to be more aware of everything they do. As for myself, and as an example of little things that turn into big things that we can learn from new experiences/ventures, through my desire for flowers and through planting and nurturing those plants, I've seen that the bees LOVE the flowers in our yard. While I find working with the soil and watching the miracles Nature gives us as a result of our efforts is such a gift, I now find myself far more aware of the bees, and I even refrain from cutting the flowers for much-loved bouquets to allow the bees more and longer access to what they need. One flower/plant grooming session treated my grandson and me the joy of seeing and watching and feeling not only one, but two Praying Mantis! Grandson was enthralled! So much to learn...