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October 14 - October 28, 2016

Marylhurst University! Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Brigid Baumann's avatar
    Brigid Baumann 10/29/2016 10:32 AM
    My motivation was that the challenge was a commitment of only two weeks.  This enabled me to make a priority of the challenge each day of the two weeks.  I was not 100% faithful, but better than before.  Thanks.

  • Carole Strawn, SNJM's avatar
    Carole Strawn, SNJM 10/28/2016 9:04 PM
    Great idea - EcoChallenge. Thanks to everyone at NWEI. Thanks to all the Marylhurst participants. Saw many "Ghost Leaves" on the extraordinary gorgeous day!!

  • Kelly Ann Chee's avatar
    Kelly Ann Chee 10/28/2016 1:46 PM
    Oh! I didn't do so well with the 15-min outdoor walks. Clearly that one is something I can work on going forward. However, remembering to turn off water during teeth brushing is a habit I've solidified! I thought I was pretty mindful about that to start with, but saw times when the water was running when it didn't need to be. Hooray!

  • Michelle Krause's avatar
    Michelle Krause 10/28/2016 11:23 AM
    I did great with all of my challenges except for one day.  I forgot to power down my computer one night this month. **hangs head in shame**  On the other hand, I accomplished 5 challenges each day this month except for that one challenge on the 26th.  I would definitely call that a step in the right direction!  According to the measurements, I saved 15 pounds of CO2 and 96 gallons of water by making these four changes in my daily habits.  The lovely thing about this challenge is that it really does create good and lasting habits!  Let's do this again next year so I can develop more excellent habits for the future!

  • Carole Strawn, SNJM's avatar
    Carole Strawn, SNJM 10/27/2016 10:42 PM
    Onward and upward. Will work to keep up "challenges" post end of EcoChallenge. 

  • Joan Jagodnik's avatar
    Joan Jagodnik 10/27/2016 5:46 PM
    I had so hoped to get more decluttering done and more walking in.  But just because the "challenge" is almost over, I'm still committed to working on these things!

  • Melissa Cadish's avatar
    Melissa Cadish 10/26/2016 9:22 AM
    If our office uses plastic cutlery at lunch, I take the dirty utensils home, wash and return them for future usage. 

  • Carole Strawn, SNJM's avatar
    Carole Strawn, SNJM 10/25/2016 10:01 PM
    On my walk... part of the Pacific Flyway! It's that time of years.

  • Carole Strawn, SNJM's avatar
    Carole Strawn, SNJM 10/24/2016 4:49 PM
    Watched the documentary Fresh. Advocates for healthier, more sustainable food. After watching this movie, I am moved to seriously consider my food choices and purchases!

  • Kim  Heinrich's avatar
    Kim Heinrich 10/24/2016 10:44 AM
    I change into flannel PJ's and fluffy socks when I get home. Lighting more candles and night to keep lights off. It has been very relaxing. Taking more time to reread my favorite books.